Airplane uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request.
In general:
  • 2xx - A successful request.
  • 4xx - An error caused by the request payload. (e.g. an omitted required parameter, invalid API key, etc.)
  • 5xx - An error with Airplane's servers.
Error responses always contain a human readable message (error) and sometimes contain an error code (code) intended for programatic use.
"error": "Invalid body"

Status Codes

200 Successful request.
400 The request payload was invalid. This often indicates the parameters were not correct.
401 An invalid API key was provided.
403 The provided API key does not have permissions to perform the request.
404 The requested resource does not exist.
409 The request conflicts with another active request.
423 The requested resource is currently being accessed by another active request.
429 Too many requests hit the API too quickly.
500 Airplane server error.