Enhance your development experience with an AI coding assistant
Autopilot is currently in beta. We are actively improving Autopilot with new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. We'd love to hear any feedback or requests at

Using Autopilot

Autopilot is an AI coding assistant designed to enhance your development experience on Airplane. With a deep understanding of Airplane's concepts, Autopilot is there to help you build Tasks and Views as well as answering questions you may have about Airplane.
You can access Autopilot in Studio while running a local development server. The Autopilot chat window can be opened by either clicking on the Autopilot icon located in the left-hand toolbar or by used the keyboard shortcut + + P for Mac users, or Ctrl + + P for non-Mac users.

Autopilot menu

Inside the Autopilot chat window, you can use the / keyboard shortcut to open the Autopilot command palette. The command palette allows you to quickly scaffold commands that you can send to Autopilot.
It is possible for Autopilot to generate responses that are incorrect or incomplete. Be sure to check the code and information that Autopilot generates.

Building Tasks

Autopilot can help you write Tasks from scratch by giving you code suggestions.
It can also help you edit Tasks you have open in your editor to help you develop and iterate.

Building Views

Autopilot can help you write Views from scratch by giving you code suggestions.
It can also help you edit Views you have open in your editor to help you develop and iterate.

Answering questions

Autopilot can answer general questions you have about Airplane and help you debug issues you may encounter. It will cite the source of its information so you can dive deeper into the topic.

Explaining code

Autopilot can give you explanations and insights about your code. You can even select a specific piece of code in your editor and ask Autopilot to explain it to you.

Writing examples

You can ask Autopilot to write code snippets for you to demonstrate how to use Airplane's features.

Support tickets

When filing a support ticket from Studio, you can also ask Autopilot for help for a faster response.


You can use the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on the bottom right of the responses to record feedback. This feedback is used to improve Autopilot's suggestions and responses.


There is a daily limit for how many messages each team can send to Autopilot depending on your plan. Any message sent above the threshold will result in an error.
PlanMessages per day
Please reach out to to increase your limit.

Data privacy

Airplanes follow rigorous security protocols to ensure maximum safety:
  • Airplane, along with our model providers OpenAI and Anthropic, does not use your data to train models. This means that your code and data are not at risk of being leaked to other customers through Autopilot.
  • Autopilot uses the schemas of your resources to generate responses but the underlying data of your tables and configuration are never sent to the models.
  • Autopilot is seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure of Airplane, which ensures that the same stringent security and privacy standards protect all of Autopilot's features. You can learn more about our commitment to trust and security on our Security page.
Autopilot is enabled by default for your team. Visit the Team Settings page to disable it.