Airplane Tasks
Tasks are the basic building block of Airplane.
Airplane's core value is to make it easy to turn engineering-only operations (previously SQL queries, scripts, etc.) into internal apps that anyone can use safely. In Airplane, these apps are called tasks.
Tasks are the basic building blocks of Airplane. A task is a lightweight app that represents a single business operation that you want people at your company to be able to execute.
A few examples of tasks:
    Look up a user's profile based on their email or name
    Deactivate a user's account
    Issue a refund for the user's latest payment
    GDPR requests
    Cancel a pending wire transfer
    Look up a user's order history
    Re-send the user's latest order
    Add a $10 credit to a user's account
Airplane tasks are simple: they take in zero or more input parameters, execute some logic (e.g. run a SQL query, run a Python script), and then display outputs to the end-user.
Tasks are simple but powerful. SQL queries, REST endpoints, JS or Python code–these can be turned into tasks with minimal engineering work. You can specify input validation rules, group-based permissions, approval flows, and see an audit history of task runs to ensure that crucial business operations are conducted safely.
Tasks can be run through the Airplane UI, on a cron-like schedule, invoked via a Slack bot, and more.
See Getting Started with Tasks to create your first task, learn about creating SQL, REST, Node.js and Python tasks, or see the Airplane Overview for more background information.
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