Pages overview

Organize tasks and views and customize your Airplane Library
Pages are our next-generation solution for organizing your tasks and connecting different parts of your Airplane Library. Pages allow you to define your organizational hierarchy through code, and to build simple UIs with only configuration.

Why Pages?

Pages serve two main purposes:
  1. Organize your Library. Unlike folders, the current organizational unit in the Airplane Library, Pages are configured in your codebase. This means that adding, removing, and reorganizing Pages to build your Airplane Library is as simple as editing your filesystem. Pages are checked into your codebase, so changes are tracked and can be reviewed by your team.
While Pages must be defined in code today, we plan to add more ways to add them for those who want to create Pages without restructuring their codebase.
  1. Build low-code UIs. Right now, Pages serve as an organizational tool with some limited customization. We plan to add more ways to extend your Page definition, and in the future, expect that pages will allow you to seamlessly navigate between tasks, views, and other pages, and support use cases that would've required building an Airplane View with React.

Getting started