Activity and audit logs

Task executions (runs), changes to resources, changes to team members, and other important events are captured in Airplane's audit log, accessible from the Activity page.
Only tasks and runs that users have access to will appear in the activity page. However, team admins can see all data.

Filtering activity

You can filter activity by date range, specific tasks, specific environments, and more.
Note that results are subject to limitations depending on your team's plan. Upgraded plans have longer activity history. See Pricing for more details.

Exporting audit logs

Manually via CSV

Certain plans allow exporting audit logs to CSV. Click the Export icon from the Activity page to initiate a CSV export.
You'll receive an email when the CSV files are ready to download.
CSV exports are limited to 50 million events at once.
Some fields like run inputs are not available in CSV exports but are in log drains.

Automatically via log drains

You can stream audit logs automatically to one or more destinations in your team's observability stack by configuring a log drain.