Configure an approval flow

Use explicit permissions to grant fine-grained access to users/groups.

Configure users & groups

In this guide, we'll set up a task to allow certain users to request a task while allowing others full execution permissions.
To complete this guide, you'll need admin access on your team, and you should create two groups (for example, Engineering and Support) to experiment with.

Configure permissions

By default, tasks in Airplane permit team access—anyone in your Airplane team can view, execute, and update the task.
To lock this down, click share from the task page:
In the share popover, set permissions to Specific members or groups:
Here, you can add users/groups and give them roles:
  • Viewers can see task information, but can't request or execute tasks.
  • Requesters have all the permission of viewers, and can also request tasks.
  • Executers have all the permissions of requesters, and can also execute tasks and others' requests.
  • Admins have full access to the task, and can change task configurations and permissions.
Add the Support group with the Requester role, and add the Engineering group with the Executer role.
Support members now see a Request run button only:
And Engineering members will be able to execute these requests:
As a team admin, you'll still have full access to the task, even with explicit permissions enabled. You may have to rope in a non-admin teammate to try this out!

Slack request notifications

By default, you are sent an email notification when a teammate requests an approval from you. However, you can alternatively route these notifications to Slack instead!
All you need to do is connect Slack—see Slack integration. After that, all requests will now show up in your Slack DMs with the Airplane bot.