Groups in Airplane allow you to establish role-based permissions—you can create groups like Engineering, add users to these groups, and then reference groups when configuring permissions, requesting tasks or runbooks, and more.
Directory sync allows you to synchronize groups with identity providers like Okta and Azure AD. See SAML single sign-on and directory sync for details.
To manage groups, visit the Groups settings page:
Here, you can create new and update groups.
Groups have a name as well as optional slack and email settings.
These fields are used when notifying groups of requests. If someone requests approval from Engineering, for example, a message will be sent to the configured Slack channel:
Slack messages require that you've first configured the Slack integration for your team.

Group admins

If you want other users to have permissions to manage which members are in a group, you can assign them a Group Admin role. This will allow them to add or remove members from the group, or change the group's name.
Note that group admins are not able to change the role granted to a group, or to create new group admins.