Limits and quotas

In addition to the account-level limits described on the pricing page, the Airplane API and runtime have a few lower-level limits to keep performance high and reduce the potential for abuse. See the table below for a summary of these.

Limit/quota summary

Maximum value
Task run timeout12 hours (standard)
60 days (workflow)
See Task runtimes for more information.
CPU per Airplane-hosted task run1 vCPURuns managed by self-hosted agents can have arbitrarily high CPU limits.
Memory per Airplane-hosted task run4GBRuns managed by self-hosted agents can have arbitrarily high memory limits.
Concurrent executions per task10 (free accounts)
25 (paid accounts)
Total pending executions per team2000
Log lines per task run1 million
Total log size per task run200MB
Total output size per task run150MB
If you have any questions about these or believe they will impede your use of the product, please let us know!

Handling limits

The Airplane API will return a 429 error if a request has caused an API-based limit to be exceeded. The client should then try again later, preferably with an exponential backoff.
Note that this behavior is already built-in to the latest Airplane JS and Python SDKs, but may need to be implemented if you are using a custom client.