When certain events happen in Airplane, users may receive notifications. All notifications appear in the user's Inbox and may also be sent over email or Slack. (Slack notifications require that a team admin set up the Slack connection first.)
These events include:
  • Run and session failures. A run or session that you started or requested fails.
  • Run cancellations. Someone cancels a run that you started or requested. Additionally, you'll get notified if you or a group you're in was a reviewer of the request.
  • New runs and sessions. Someone approves one of your requests, or you were a reviewer (or in a group that was a reviewer) of a request that got approved.
  • New requests. Someone names you (or a group that you're in) as a reviewer of a request.
  • Rejected requests. Someone rejects your request.
  • Paused schedules. Someone (or the Airplane system) pauses your schedule.

Customizing your notifications

You can customize your notifications on your profile page, where you can choose to enable or disable email / Slack notifications. Turning off a notification will e.g. stop sending an email, but you'll still receive it in the in-app inbox.

Notification subscriptions

In addition to receiving the default notifications, you can also subscribe to specific events on tasks or runbooks. On the individual task or runbook page, click the notification bell in header to manage subscriptions.
Here, you can change your subscription to the task or runbook. By default, you will receive both emails and Slack notifications for any event that you are subscribed to. (You can change this setting in your notification preferences, under Subscriptions.)

Notifying Slack channels and email addresses

If you have admin permissions, you can subscribe other users, Slack channels, and email addresses to events associated with the task or runbook.
When an email address is subscribed, someone with access to that email must confirm the subscription before any notifications are sent. Only active subscriptions are displayed in the notification subscriptions panel.