Sharing and embedding

Share your Airplane task, view, runbook, session, or run with a click of a button. Start by clicking the "Share" button in the header bar. This will open a popover with instructions on how to share.


Users with the ability to configure permissions for the task, view, runbook, session, or run can edit permissions in the "Share" popover. Other users will not be able to edit the permissions but can see who else has access.
Permission editing in the UI will be disabled for tasks that have permissions configured in code.
See Permissions for more information on the different permission levels.


Click the "Copy link" button to copy a link to the task, view, runbook, session, or run to your clipboard. Share this link with anyone you want to share it with.

Query parameters

For tasks and views, query params in the format &param=value can be appended to the end of this link. For a task, this allows you to pre-fill the parameters. The url https://app.airplane/dev/tasks/tsk123?key=a&val=b will link to the task with slug tsk123, with key set to a and val set to b.
Query params passed to a view are available in the view's props and through the useRouter hook. See View parameters for more information.


To use embeds, your team must be on the Business or Enterprise plan.
Embeds allow you to embed your Airplane task or view in your own web app. With embeds, your team can interact with your team's Airplane tasks and views without leaving your own internal tooling ecosystem.
Click the "Copy embed code" button to copy the embeds code snippet. Paste the copied code snippet into your web app to embed the task or view.
The following example has an embedded task on an HTML web app.
<!-- Code omitted for brevity -->
<h1>👋 Hello, world!</h1>
<p>Ready to do work using the embedded task. 👩‍💻</p>
allow="clipboard-read; clipboard-write"
<!-- Code omitted for brevity -->
You can also modify the height and width attributes in the embed code to customize the size of the embedded task or view.

Embed permissions

To view an embed, the user must be signed in to Airplane. If a user who is not signed in visits the page with an embed, they will be prompted to sign in. Note that embeds share credentials with the Airplane app, so the user will not be prompted to sign in if they are already signed in to
Embeds take advantage of Airplane's permissions model, so you can restrict access to the embed to only users who have access to the task or view.


  • Embeds do not work in browsers that block cross-site cookies. Users visiting embeds need to enable cross-site cookies. See instructions for Safari and Firefox.
  • Embeds are not publicly accessible. A user must be part of your Airplane team to view an embed.