Slack integration

Airplane supports deeply integrating with Slack to receive notifications, approve requests, execute tasks and runbooks, and more.

Connect to Slack

To enable the integration, a team admin can visit their team settings and click the Add to Slack button:
Note that some features may require the user to create an Airplane account first.

Receive notifications

When Slack is configured, users will receive notifications when various events occur:
  • When a task is requested, all reviewers will receive a notification. Users will get a DM from Airplane, and groups will receive a message in their channel (see Groups for configuring a group's Slack channel).
  • When a request is rejected or approved, the requester and reviewers are notified.
  • When a run fails or is cancelled, the executer and requester (if any) are notified. The person who cancelled the run is not notified.
  • When a session fails, the executer and requester (if any) are notified.
  • When a session is waiting for input, the executer is notified.

Approve requests

Request messages in Slack allow users to approve/reject them directly from Slack:
Users who do not have permissions to approve/reject will receive an error if they click the button.
If a group has a Slack channel configured, the request will go to the channel. This is a convenient way to streamline approval flows—users can add a group as a reviewer and anyone in the group's Slack channel (with permissions) can approve.

Execute tasks

Using the Airplane app shortcut, users can execute tasks directly from Airplane.
Click the lightning-bolt in Slack or type / to bring up shortcuts. Search for Airplane:
Run Execute a task to bring up the task modal and execute your task!
Requests through Slack aren't yet supported. This also means tasks that require requests cannot be executed through Slack.

Slack blocks in runbooks

Slack blocks can also be added in runbooks. Send a message to a Slack channel by connecting your team to Slack and adding a Slack message block in a runbook. To message private channels, make sure the Airplane Slack user is first invited to the channel.