Team roles

Grant admin and developer roles to team members.
Team roles allow you to control who has access to sensitive team-level operations, including managing users and creating/updating tasks and runbooks.
To assign team roles, users should be added to Groups, and groups can then be assigned roles:

Available roles

Available roles are documented below. "Normal" team members are simply users who aren't in groups with roles.

Team admin

Team admins can perform sensitive configuration changes and have full access to tasks, runs, runbooks, and sessions, as well as any settings that affect the entire team (such as inviting new members or controlling the allowed login methods). You should generally limit admins to team members who need to manage and configure the entire team's access to Airplane.
By default, Airplane teams come with an Admins group that is assigned the Team admin role. The first person in your team to join will be added to Admins.

Team developer

Team developers have full access to tasks, runs, runbooks, and sessions. You should generally limit team developers to team members who are developing tasks or runbooks (e.g. engineers on your team).