Connect to Snowflake warehouses from Airplane tasks and runbooks.
The Snowflake resource allows tasks and runbooks to connect to a Snowflake database. For a high-level introduction to resources, see the resources page.

Creating a Snowflake resource

To create a new Snowflake resource, visit resources for your team, click the "New" button, and select the Snowflake resource type. Enter your connection details in the form:
Name should be a human-readable name for your resource. You'll use this name to later reference this resource in tasks.
Account should be the account identifier for your Snowflake account.
Enter a Warehouse, Role, and Database and Schema to complete your Snowflake resource.

IP whitelisting

If your database has restrictions on incoming network connections, you'll need to ensure the Airplane IP addresses are whitelisted:

Private networking

To connect to a database inside a private VPC, you can self-host the agent and run the agent within your own VPC. Since tasks run on agents, these tasks will run from within your network and be able to connect.