Testing runbooks

Validate a runbook before sharing it.
It's important to test each block of your runbook thoroughly as you build it out. You can test out a runbook during the "Build" step. After you've added at least one block, you'll see a set of input fields at the top of your runbook representing the top-level parameters of that runbook:
Add in sample values here, and then you can test any blocks that rely on these parameters.
To test a block, click the "Test" button in the lower-right corner of a block. If the block needs to evaluate JS templates that rely on outputs from other blocks, then test those blocks first before testing this block, and this block will use outputs from the test runs of those other blocks.
When you click "Test", you'll see a modal window showing what will get executed. If it looks alright to you, hit the "Test" button again to execute that block with the provided parameters.