Self-host with Airplane agents

Execute Airplane tasks within your own VPC.
Agents are the workers that execute your tasks and runbooks on Airplane. All teams have access to Airplane-hosted agents by default and at no extra cost. These are fully managed by Airplane and require no maintenance.
For teams who want to run Airplane tasks within their own infrastructure, Airplane offers self-hosted agents. These agents are easy to deploy and allow you to bring the power of Airplane into your own environments. Self-hosted agents are available on the Business and Enterprise plans.
While reasons will vary from customer to customer, you might want to self-host agents if:
  • You have private databases or APIs that require connection from within your network.
  • You have requirements to keep sensitive data within your network.
  • You prefer to have dedicated compute resources instead of using Airplane's multi-tenant infrastructure.
Setup takes just a few minutes and requires minimal knowledge of how the Airplane agent works.