Running the agent on GCP

Deploy a self-hosted Airplane agent on GCP via GKE.
The Airplane agent can be deployed to GCP via Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). The following instructions provide a quick way to create a GKE cluster from the command line.
Support for deploying to GCP via Terraform is coming soon. If you'd like to use Terraform, please let us know!

Creating a GKE cluster

To install the agent on GCP, we'll be creating a GKE cluster and installing Airplane's helm chart on it.
First, we create a GKE cluster. We can do this either via GCP's web console, or via a command like the following:
gcloud container clusters create YOUR_CLUSTER_NAME --zone us-central1-a
You may wish to replace the region us-central1-a with your preferred GCP region.
This will be good enough to run Airplane's self-hosted agents - if you need more in-depth configuration, visit the GKE documentation for more details.

Get authentication credentials for the cluster

After creating the cluster, you will need to get authentication credentials to interact with it, before proceeding with the remainder of the Kubernetes agent setup.
gcloud container clusters get-credentials YOUR_CLUSTER_NAME

Use Kubernetes setup

Once your GKE cluster is ready, agents can be installed like with any other Kubernetes cluster. See the Kubernetes setup instructions for next steps.