Airplane built-ins

Perform common operations using Airplane built-ins.
To help customers get started, Airplane offers a set of common operations as built-in functionality that can be accessed from tasks via an Airplane SDK, from runbooks via blocks, and even wrapped as top-level tasks (e.g. SQL or REST). You can run a SQL query, send a REST request, send a Slack message, and more with a few lines of code!


Built-ins can be executed from tasks, using SDKs. For example, you can perform an SQL query from a task with the following code:
const run = await airplane.sql.query<{ id: string; name: string; email: string }>(
// SQL resource slug
// SQL query to execute
"select * from users where name ilike :name",
// Query arguments
{ args: { name: `%${name}%` } },
Most built-ins execute against a Resource. See Using resources in tasks for how to attach resources to tasks. for how to do so. For resources that operate against a team-level resource, e.g. Slack, you do not need to attach anything to your task.
When a built-in is executed, it will create a run (similar to tasks!) that appears in the run timeline.

Up next

To get started, check out our supported built-ins:
We are constantly expanding the catalog of built-ins. If the built-in catalog doesn't support an operation you need, you can always build it with a task!