Config variables

Configs variables ("config vars") allow you to set team-wide values / secrets and use them from tasks.

Managing config vars

To manage config vars, you must be a Team Admin. If you're a Team Admin, you can manage them from the Settings section of the app.
Config vars have a name and an associated string value. Config vars can be secret, in which case the value can be set but will not be exposed to users from the UI. All config vars on Airplane are stored encrypted at rest.
Config var names are flexible, but we recommend the following conventions:
  • db: for simple names use lowercase, one word
  • eng/platform/db: use slashes to group your config vars together
  • db:stage: use a colon to append a tag to your config var name—use tags for different variants of a config var (e.g. staging/production). Tags don't have special behavior currently but may get extra features in the future.

Using config vars in tasks

To use a config, you can reference it when configuring environment variables on a task.
Expand the Advanced section, and find the Environment Variables section. Choose From config variable to assign a config var's value to the specified environment variable: