Execute later

Run a task once in the future
The Airplane UI supports scheduling a task to run once at a specific time, up to 90 days in the future.
If you want to execute a task on a recurring schedule in the future, see Schedules.

Creating a future execution in the UI

You can execute a task later by navigating to the task in the UI, clicking on the dropdown arrow in the Execute task button, and selecting Execute task later:
Alternatively, you can configure a future execution by switching Recurring to Once in the "New schedule" page:
Once a future task run has been created, it will show up in the "Scheduled runs" section of the task details page until its scheduled execution time:

Task versions

One-time future executions will use whatever was the current task version at the time of creation. Note that this is different from the behavior of recurring schedules, which will use the latest task version at each scheduled execution.
If you create a one-time future run and want it to pick up a task update that was made while it was waiting to be scheduled, you need to cancel and re-create the run.