Tasks overview

Replace SQL queries, scripts, and hacks with apps
Tasks are functions that anyone on your team can execute. A task can be a SQL query, custom TypeScript/JavaScript/Python, or even a wrapper around a REST API call. Users can execute tasks through a simple Airplane-generated UI, complete with rich components and validation.

Getting started

To get started with tasks, try the getting started guides:

Choose a task type

Airplane supports a variety of task types suited for different use cases. SQL tasks are a fast way to get started, while JavaScript / Python tasks strike a balance between ease of use and flexibility.

SQL tasks

For simple cases involving a SQL database, you can rapidly create your first task using SQL.

JavaScript and Python tasks

For the most flexibility, we recommend using JavaScript or Python.

REST tasks

If you have an existing API, you can use REST tasks to execute them from Airplane.

Shell and Docker tasks

For high customizeability, you can use Shell tasks, which support arbitrary Dockerfile images, and Docker image tasks, where you can use a pre-built image.


For long-running tasks, Airplane supports the workflow runtime which enables developers to write orchestration logic as code.