Debugging activity

The Activity tab of the debug panel allows you to see the task and runbook queries and mutations that were executed by your view.
This consists of all tasks or runbooks that were executed via task-backed components, as well as those started via the useTaskQuery, useTaskMutation, and useRunbookMutation hooks.

Using the Activity tab

The Activity tab can be opened by clicking on Activity in the debug panel toolbar at the bottom of your view. It is visible for views in Studio and for deployed views in production. If runs or sessions are in progress, a loading indicator will appear next to Activity.
The Activity tab shows a list of task runs and runbook sessions that were executed by your view with the most recently executed activity at the top. You can filter by the name or slug of the task or runbook that was executed, as well as show or hide task queries.
You can click on individual task runs or runbook sessions to see more details on status, parameters, and run outputs or session blocks, all while remaining on the view page itself.