Task backed components

Task backed components are the easiest way to fetch data or make backend mutations in a view.
Task backed components automatically execute a task or runbook, populate the component with data, and handle loading and error states.

Using task backed components

Task backed components have a unique prop called task. This prop can take a few different values:

By slug

The simplest way to use a task backed component is to supply the slug of an Airplane task to the component.
This is only a viable option if the task has no parameters.
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By task request

If a task has parameters, you can supply a full task request.
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This method also allows you to add additional options to the request like adding a refetchInterval that refetches the task every 10s.
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Transforming data

Sometimes you may want to transform the task output before it is displayed in a task backed component. Each task backed component has an outputTransform prop that allows you to transform the data before it is displayed by the component.
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Which components can be task backed?

The following components can be task backed via the task prop:
If you want to fetch data from another component, see Manual task execution.